Acquire Knowledge of The Best B&Bs Through Travel


travel-and-exploreIf you would really like to make the best Bed and Breakfast you can it is important to experience all the good things for yourself. If you would like to be able to give the best service and experience to your guests, you must first experience it for yourself. Pieces from your travels are also good decors for your first bed and breakfast, it allows your guest a feeling of being welcomed by a well-traveled person. Research is essential when it comes to a successful business, and sometimes pictures and sheets of data won’t cut it, so you have to do it the old fashion way, travel and explore.

When you experience new things that are positive in your life, you apply the lessons you learn from it, the same way for business, when you are starting one you need to see examples of what you are trying to achieve, in this case a bed and breakfast. You don’t need to go to exotic places and spend too much money, just start out with the best B&B in the state or something, just explore as many good ones as you can, study them and learn what makes them so good. Though, when you can travel to farther places, do so, as it is good for you and your business when you travel to explore new ideas. Do this even when you already have a good running business, as it is important to grow and evolve with the times.

During your travels it is good to get a little something for your B&B back home, nothing tacky, just something unique that would catch the eye of people. These little trinkets might seem like it wouldn’t do much, but having them will allow your image to be uplifted and people will have the perception of you as a person who travels to learn and perfect whatever art you practice. The pieces will also be good conversation piece between you, the staff, and the guests, which will make everyone feel more welcome at your B&B.

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Food is also something you can explore while traveling, as having a good menu that is not always the same every week. Find new recipes that you can make with the fresh ingredients available at your B&B’s local market or supplier. These will give your place an edge as you serve the guests food from different places as well as local recipes.

In any art or skill, it is an essential thing to one day explore and study what lies beyond the horizon of your home, for how can you develop if you do not continue to learn. So explore and travel, allow yourself to learn the good and the bad so that you can give what is truly great.

There was a time when more people were like this, they were daring and adventurous, they built great things and made wondrous discoveries, they were great men and women, and above all they were informed.

How to Keep a Bed and Breakfast Pest Free


Congratulations on having your own bed and breakfast! It is a wonderful way to make a living, and at the same time meet interesting people making their way through your town or city. One of the things you will need to maintain is cleanliness, which I am quite sure as an owner of an establishment you already excel at. Unfortunately, whether or not you clean the place well; the fact that you serve food will attract different pests and critters who will mess up the place for you.

The best thing to do is to maintain the services of a Pest Control Company Greenville for preventive treatment every month or quarterly, depending on the location of your business. This will chase away what small amount of pests decided to live in your establishment while at the same time deter most others from doing so in the future.

You cannot skimp on this as this will be important for when the surprise health department checks occur. Sometimes, even though your place looks incredibly clean, there are actually a good number of pests living around the area, in the dark corners where you never thought to check. If the examiner from the health department discovers this, you will lose your standing as a quality business.

The Importance of a Regular Electrical Inspection For B&B


There are so many raves about Bed and Breakfasts in Atlanta that we decided to see it for ourselves. Atlanta also offers a myriad of cultural attractions and world-class restaurants that will make any visit a treasured memory. We were enticed by the things we can do in Atlanta, so we packed our bags and embarked on our journey. We visited a lot of bed and breakfast in Atlanta, and we feel that the ones with the old world or rustic vibe are the nicest to stay in.

The feel of the place is more authentic than staying in a hotel. It makes the experience unique and memorable for the guests, and it throws them back to a place that resembles the coziness of their beloved grandparent’s home. We also love that some ancestral homes have been opened to the public and converted to bed and breakfast. We do not know exactly why, but there is a feeling of warmth in an ancestral home that cannot be replicated elsewhere. It must be the antiquity of the furniture and the design of the house itself. We must remember, though, that old houses are more fragile.

The wirings in ancestral homes need a thorough inspection from a licensed electrician to ensure that it will not cause a fire. Ideally, an annual electrical inspection should be done for the safety of the residents and the property itself. Aside from fire prevention, here are other benefits you can gain from annual review by professional electricians.

Safety The periodic inspection examines your property for overloading, faulty wiring, and risks for electrical shock.

Prevent damage to appliances and other electrical equipment Power surges and damaged cables can damage your appliances and equipment. It will be a big waste of money and resources to replace broken electronic devices in your bed and breakfast. The room could be unusable if the necessary equipment, such as air-conditioning, is damaged. It would mean lost business for the day.

Compliance with regulations There are regulations that hospitality businesses need to comply with. Your establishment will be better off if you conduct your electrical inspection annually to detect minor damages can be resolved before it gets to worse. You should contract a licensed electrician to conduct an electrical inspection to your establishment. They have the skills to identify and fix any problematic areas in your electrical system. The standard electrical inspections examine the following areas:

  • Switches and electrical outlets
  • Electrocution hazards
  • Safety lightings
  • Grounding systems
  • Smoke detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors
  • Electrical panel check for proper labels and capacity
  • Outdoor electrical systems
  • Light fixtures
  • Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs)
  • Surge protection

The electrician will provide you with a detailed report containing the findings and recommendations for your electrical system. You can use this information to pinpoint and plan for the resolution of the electrical problems in your establishment. A regular electrical inspection will help you save money by tackling electrical problems before they even get worse. It will resolve any electrical concern that could compromise the safety of your loved ones and property. You may feel hesitant to get professional service, but you should remember that the inspection is meant to protect your investment. It may be an added cost now, but the benefits and the headaches it will save you from is well worth it.

How To Keep You Carpet Spotless


You just started your bed and breakfast. To your horror, there was a major carpet stain in one of your rooms. It is not good business when new guests see that. Keeping the stain there until the next scheduled maintenance could make the stain harder to clean. Your regular vacuum cleaner cannot remove stains, so you need a professional carpet cleaner to do the job. We’ve been using a professional carpet cleaning company for more than 10 years now, if you are also located in Utah call them to get a quotation and schedule a visit before your next guest check-in. Choosing among the different carpet cleaners could overwhelm you. But with careful selection, you can find the one that suits your needs. A good carpet cleaning company should at least offer the following services.

They can work around your schedule

The carpet cleaner should be able to work in within your timeline. They should not hamper the daily operations of your bed and breakfast.

They use the best equipment

You can clearly see the difference when a carpet cleaner uses the best equipment in the industry. The carpet just seems spotless compared to the work of cleaners who are using run down equipment. You can also ask if they can dry your carpet faster.

They use non-toxic cleaning products

You should ensure that the carpet cleaners are using safe products to ensure it will not harm the people exposed to it.

They clean thoroughly

Inspect the carpet. Check the hard to reach areas to make sure it was cleaned, too. You would also appreciate if the carpet cleaners return the furniture to the right spot. If the stain is only a small dot on the carpet, you can orient your room cleaners with these spot cleaning tips:

  • Blot, don’t rub. Remember not to rub on the stain. Just blot it slowly from the outside corner going in, so that you do not spread the stain outwards. You also need to dab on the stain gently so that it will not be pushed deeper on the country.
  • Grease Stains. A liquid dishwashing detergent can clear the spot. Just put at least two drops of the dishwashing soap in a cup of water then spray it on the spot you want to clean. Carefully blot the stain once it is soaked thoroughly in the solution. Dry it using a paper towel.
  • Blood Stains. We are talking about drops of blood like when someone got a small cut. You can remove it by softening the stain with mild soap and water. Once it is a bit faded, you can use Hydrogen Peroxide to clean up the rest of the stain. Wipe it with a paper towel to dry.
  • Candy Residue. It is possible that your little tot guest could drop a piece of candy on the carpet. You need to remove the sticky sugar from the candy because it will attract dirt on your carpet. If the candy particle is still there, you can use a butter knife to scrape it off. Use a sponge dipped in mild soap and water to clean off the sticky part. Dab it with a paper towel to dry.

We hope you find the carpet spot cleaning tips helpful. Please call a professional carpet cleaner if the stains cover a larger space to avoid further damage to the carpet.

How B&Bs Can Stay Upbeat on Off Peak Seasons


The ribbon has been cut to mark the opening of your dream bed and breakfast. Your business operation is running like clockwork. Word spreads fast and guests come flocking to your establishment. What a great start for your business!

However, the dreaded off season is about to arrive. It is the time of the year where people seem to vanish elsewhere. Bad news for business.

You might think that you should just pray for the time to speed-up for the next holiday to arrive. This should not be the case. It is not a reason for slow-down, worse, close shop during slack season.  With a little bit of creativity and grit, you can keep your bed and breakfast bustling during off season. Here are some tried and tested tips to make this happen.

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Special Offers and Packages

Take advantage of the seasons. Come up with special offers and promotions to attract guests to your bed and breakfast. During winter, you can tie-up with ski companies and offer special discounts to your guests. Another example is to offer special overnight package to people living within the community. One bed and breakfast in Columbus does this by giving their guests vouchers to sample nearby specialty restaurants.

Partner with Companies

Network with companies near your bed and breakfast. Offer them special room rates for their employees and company guests. You might also have a spare room that you can convert to a conference room to accommodate business meetings and conferences. Bed and breakfast is a perfect venue because it is just the right size for small crowd.

This bed and breakfast in Ohio tried this strategy when they hosted the annual sales conference of the Columbus Pest Control Company. The bed and breakfast gave them a big discount because they were their trusted service provider. The company helped them get rid of the pest to preserve the ancestral home where the bed and breakfast is now.

A partnership like this can be beneficial to you and your service provider because you are keeping their business long after you had their service.

Make your own event

As the saying goes, every day is a good time to celebrate. So why not come up with events of your own. Local events in your community can serve as an inspiration. For instance, your town is hosting a Dog Show. You can come up with an event that features dogs. You can also offer room rate discounts to dog owners who are participating in your town’s event.

Holiday Gift Cards

This idea is a winner! You can sell discounted off peak or mid-week accommodations through gift cards. Imagine collecting revenues upfront without accepting and guest. It also guarantees reservations on lazy mid-week and off peak seasons.

Hope these ideas inspire you to think outside of the box. In the end, it is all about good marketing. Your bed and breakfast doesn’t have to slack on off season.

Dumpster Waste Management for B&B owners in NJ


Starting a bed and breakfast is a dream most of us have. Imagine having a cozy place to entertain people and offer a respite from the city buzz of New Jersey.  Every bed and breakfast offers a distinct personality and reflect the taste of the owners. Be it romantic country home to a no-frills backpackers place, no bed and breakfast place will ever be truly alike.  The privacy and intimacy can never be matched by even the top hotel chains.

There are so many things to consider in starting a bed and breakfast. From the over-all design and ambiance up to the tiniest detail of the linens to be used, it is easy to be carried away by these nitty-gritty details that we forget about one of the most basic need every living spaces have–waste management.

From the moment we break ground to construct that bed and breakfast, a lot of debris is accumulated and thinking about it takes away precious time spent from just planning about the finer details of your dream bed and breakfast. And it does not end there. Once you are done with building, you have to contend with the waste that naturally come from cleaning after your guests and keeping your property in pristine condition day in and day out. Bail bondsmen can bail you if you’re in jail.

It is tricky to maintain a dumpster of your own aside from the numerous city ordinances to comply with. In fact, your plate will be too full to keep your place running and still deal with the trash.  To solve this mundane task, why not get a rental dumpster?

New Jersey has a lot of expert dumpster rental services that are available to you as early as the next day you of your order. It also offers different sizes to suit your different needs and price points. It is a life-saver because all you need to do is dump your garbage and the efficient personnel of the dumpster rental service will gladly take it away from you.

By doing so, you free your mind from the non-sense tasks and focus on what matter most, entertaining your guests and keeping your bed and breakfast feeling and smelling brand new.

There are several dumpster rental services available in New Jersey that you can choose from.  All of them are offering services such as disposal of construction debris, yard and general household waste. They accept basically every kind of waste as long as it is not hazardous in nature, such as toxic chemicals and materials.

You can keep the rented dumpster for 21 days or as the rental contract states.  You can also opt to immediately schedule a pick-up of the dumpster once you need it to be hauled away. It is as easy as that. Payment is also a breeze because most of the dumpster rental companies in New Jersey accept major credit cards and can be paid online or over-the-phone.

Imagine all the other work you can do once you partner with a dumpster rental service in managing the waste from your bed and breakfast. It should be a part of your list of must-haves when you decide to pursue this kind of business. It is indeed your partner for success.

Five Things a Bakersfield Bed and Breakfast Innkeeper Told Me


bakersfield bail bondsLast summer, I headed to Bakersfield because I had a food processing business meeting to attend to. I arrived at Kern County one day early for the business meeting so that I could a rest a little bit and read through the details of the nearing discussion. For the meantime, I looked for a decent bed and breakfast for the night stay. I eventually found something nearby the meeting’s designated venue and it was a pretty decent to me. There were only a few people staying, but the standards of the place were good enough.

The bed sheets and pillows smelled fresh and clean, all of the light switches and bulbs worked, the drawers and tables were dust-free, and the bathroom included a hot shower. I was in such comfortable slumber the whole night that I had a smile on my face when I woke up. All the amenities of my stay were worth the pay. After breakfast, I got all my things packed and ready. But then, the business meeting was going to happen in the afternoon, and the bed and breakfast service is until 11 AM. I went to the front desk and saw the innkeeper there drinking his morning coffee. He saw me and immediately asked me if I needed anything. I replied that I don’t need anything more, and that I just wanted to thank him for the nice stay. He smiled at me and said that I don’t have to thank him. He also joked that I paid him to do those things, so it was reasonable he did his part.

Then I told him, partly joking, that he made me think of establishing my own bed and breakfast. I was shocked when he said that a lot of customers say that and he was willing to give me tips if I was serious about it. I thought to myself, why not? I had a lot of time and it wouldn’t be a waste to get some tips. He told me a lot of tips for starting one, but these five things really stuck to me both as a businessman and a human being:


#1 Ask yourself why you want to start a bed and breakfast. 


People started their own business for many reasons, and usually the main reason is to earn a lot of money. But the innkeeper admitted that the inn keeping industry was not really a high-paying one, and that he didn’t start for the bucks. After an early retirement from an office day job, he decided to practice cooking again after a long hiatus. Later on, he decided to convert his house into an inn since there were several extra rooms unused. He thought he might as well earn some money with the extra space and the cooking, so that’s like hitting two birds with one stone.


#2 Think about how to measure your success. 

Again, the innkeeper told me that the success of the B&B isn’t always about the profit. For him, the success of his own are based on two things: the number of people who have stayed within the whole five years it was established, and how many people compliment the food. I immediately complimented the food. It wasn’t a fake compliment though, because the food tasted like it was from a five-star restaurant. The innkeeper laughed and thanked me for the nice words.


#3 Find family members and friends that will emotionally support you. 

During my whole stay, I only saw the innkeeper—no one else but just two other employees who changed the bed sheets and cleaned the rooms. The innkeeper said that he had a family but they were staying in a nearby house from the inn. Even though they don’t visit the establishment often, they supported his decision of starting the business through and through. His friends also congratulated him when they saw that his B&B does pay well. As he said, nothing beats your motivation when a lot of important people encourage you to do what you want.


#4 Be prepared for expenses and maintenance. 

This was true for all the businessmen out there, but is a very serious thing to think about. The innkeeper told me that a lot of owners forget that the business is not always about profit. There could be unforeseen damages and equipment would wear out in time. He also told me one time when he had to call on the Bakersfield pest control services because some of the rooms got infiltrated by bugs. The innkeeper said it was a good thing they were always available and their service was worthwhile.


#5 Assess yourself if you are ready for self-employment. 

Starting your own business means you are your own boss, and that would be a very tough position especially for the newbie. The innkeeper told me how he struggled at first on deciding which kind of services he was willing to offer, maintaining his different kinds of insurance, maintaining assets, setting up some book keeping, and eventually finding a financial advisor. It took him about a year to get things straight. The first year was full of nights full of headaches and information overload from over reading accounting manuals, but learning all the basics was more than worth it in the long run.

I never expected such brilliant ideas from a seemingly ordinary innkeeper. I felt how his words were a part of how he lived his whole life, and how he really wanted to strive in the inn keeping industry. It was a life full of struggle and trials, but it seemed that he successfully fought through everything. It was already time for me to leave when we finished talking, so I got my bags out and thanked him again for his ideas and time. I walked out of the inn thinking about when I should start my own.