How to find Funding for a Bed and Breakfast

The start-up fees for running a bed and breakfast business can be quite costly, but there are resources you can investigate to make your dream of owning a bed and breakfast company become a reality.

Make a list of all your needs. Decide if you will use your property or if you are going to rent the property for business purposes. You must take in consideration that you need maintenance for improving the house or property. Are you going to hire someone else to do the required repairing on the estate? It would be cheaper if you can do it yourself.
Furnishings, appliances and good linen will be needed. Will you be able to afford it? Draw up a budget. Ask similar businesses to give you advice on what will be required to make the place beautiful. Guests assume you will provide private baths and lovely decorated rooms.

There might be grants available for the restoration of historic buildings for establishing a bed and breakfast business in the community. Investigate grants for using students or hiring local contractors. Donations can decrease the costs significantly if available. The tourism department in your country might inform you if you can apply for grants. If you have retired, consider using the retirement funds to help pay for the business.

Consider a business loan. Set up a business plan that will improve your chances of acquiring the loan. Be determined to keep on trying. Getting new loans for business purposes is not easy.

Keep up with your business plan and be faithful when repaying your loans.

To save on costs, you can decorate the bed and breakfast company on your own without the help of people that might charge you to do it. If possible do your repairs and try to save money during the start-up phase.

Market research is essential. Location is crucial. Some sites will do well while others won’t.


You can host a fundraising event to make money. Hold bake sales and market days utilising the same venue where you want to start your business. Get other business owners involved to assist you or help to host the events.

You can try to negotiate a private mortgage with the current owners of bed and breakfasts that are up for sale. You will then be paying them back instead of the bank. Get a legal team involved to draw up the contracts.

Some people rent out a room or two to create the funds to start repairs on the property. Join Airbnb and begin renting space out for people that are willing to pay for accommodation during their vacation in your area.

These are some of the ways to create funds and to lend money to make your dream of owning a bread and breakfast come true.