How B&Bs Can Stay Upbeat on Off Peak Seasons

The ribbon has been cut to mark the opening of your dream bed and breakfast. Your business operation is running like clockwork. Word spreads fast and guests come flocking to your establishment. What a great start for your business!

However, the dreaded off season is about to arrive. It is the time of the year where people seem to vanish elsewhere. Bad news for business.

You might think that you should just pray for the time to speed-up for the next holiday to arrive. This should not be the case. It is not a reason for slow-down, worse, close shop during slack season.  With a little bit of creativity and grit, you can keep your bed and breakfast bustling during off season. Here are some tried and tested tips to make this happen.

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Special Offers and Packages

Take advantage of the seasons. Come up with special offers and promotions to attract guests to your bed and breakfast. During winter, you can tie-up with ski companies and offer special discounts to your guests. Another example is to offer special overnight package to people living within the community. One bed and breakfast in Columbus does this by giving their guests vouchers to sample nearby specialty restaurants.

Partner with Companies

Network with companies near your bed and breakfast. Offer them special room rates for their employees and company guests. You might also have a spare room that you can convert to a conference room to accommodate business meetings and conferences. Bed and breakfast is a perfect venue because it is just the right size for small crowd.

This bed and breakfast in Ohio tried this strategy when they hosted the annual sales conference of the Columbus Pest Control Company. The bed and breakfast gave them a big discount because they were their trusted service provider. The company helped them get rid of the pest to preserve the ancestral home where the bed and breakfast is now.

A partnership like this can be beneficial to you and your service provider because you are keeping their business long after you had their service.

Make your own event

As the saying goes, every day is a good time to celebrate. So why not come up with events of your own. Local events in your community can serve as an inspiration. For instance, your town is hosting a Dog Show. You can come up with an event that features dogs. You can also offer room rate discounts to dog owners who are participating in your town’s event.

Holiday Gift Cards

This idea is a winner! You can sell discounted off peak or mid-week accommodations through gift cards. Imagine collecting revenues upfront without accepting and guest. It also guarantees reservations on lazy mid-week and off peak seasons.

Hope these ideas inspire you to think outside of the box. In the end, it is all about good marketing. Your bed and breakfast doesn’t have to slack on off season.