How To Keep You Carpet Spotless

You just started your bed and breakfast. To your horror, there was a major carpet stain in one of your rooms. It is not good business when new guests see that. Keeping the stain there until the next scheduled maintenance could make the stain harder to clean. Your regular vacuum cleaner cannot remove stains, so you need a professional carpet cleaner to do the job. We’ve been using a professional carpet cleaning company for more than 10 years now, if you are also located in Utah call them to get a quotation and schedule a visit before your next guest check-in. Choosing among the different carpet cleaners could overwhelm you. But with careful selection, you can find the one that suits your needs. A good carpet cleaning company should at least offer the following services.

They can work around your schedule

The carpet cleaner should be able to work in within your timeline. They should not hamper the daily operations of your bed and breakfast.

They use the best equipment

You can clearly see the difference when a carpet cleaner uses the best equipment in the industry. The carpet just seems spotless compared to the work of cleaners who are using run down equipment. You can also ask if they can dry your carpet faster.

They use non-toxic cleaning products

You should ensure that the carpet cleaners are using safe products to ensure it will not harm the people exposed to it.

They clean thoroughly

Inspect the carpet. Check the hard to reach areas to make sure it was cleaned, too. You would also appreciate if the carpet cleaners return the furniture to the right spot. If the stain is only a small dot on the carpet, you can orient your room cleaners with these spot cleaning tips:

  • Blot, don’t rub. Remember not to rub on the stain. Just blot it slowly from the outside corner going in, so that you do not spread the stain outwards. You also need to dab on the stain gently so that it will not be pushed deeper on the country.
  • Grease Stains. A liquid dishwashing detergent can clear the spot. Just put at least two drops of the dishwashing soap in a cup of water then spray it on the spot you want to clean. Carefully blot the stain once it is soaked thoroughly in the solution. Dry it using a paper towel.
  • Blood Stains. We are talking about drops of blood like when someone got a small cut. You can remove it by softening the stain with mild soap and water. Once it is a bit faded, you can use Hydrogen Peroxide to clean up the rest of the stain. Wipe it with a paper towel to dry.
  • Candy Residue. It is possible that your little tot guest could drop a piece of candy on the carpet. You need to remove the sticky sugar from the candy because it will attract dirt on your carpet. If the candy particle is still there, you can use a butter knife to scrape it off. Use a sponge dipped in mild soap and water to clean off the sticky part. Dab it with a paper towel to dry.

We hope you find the carpet spot cleaning tips helpful. Please call a professional carpet cleaner if the stains cover a larger space to avoid further damage to the carpet.