Look for the Good in your Competitors

Some time ago I and my partner were thinking of opening a new Bed and breakfast at a small yet wonderful town at the countryside, we wanted to see the place for ourselves and find the right place to open it at. The town was beautiful, and their lake was quite the view, we didn’t really need to see more as what we saw was enough, we knew that the investment was a good one. We took our time when exploring the small town and the surrounding countryside, to the point that we decided to stay the night.

Since we were staying the night in the town anyway, we decided to go around and look at our competitors, see what they had to offer. At the first Inn, we inquired the price of the room and had coffee at their little café, Jerry and I decided to split up to have a look around the place. We went our separate ways and met up later on at the café, we decided to do the same thing to as many bed and breakfasts, inns, and hotels we could find, have a cup of coffee or small meal at the places that could offer it.

After several stops we decided to talk over what we found out about our competitors, Jerry gave his repots first, and told me of the lack of staff at one place, tackiness of another, and everything wrong with all the other places. After which I told him of how well the café of the first shop was kept, the food they had at one of the Bed and Breakfasts was excellent, and how the garden of that little inn was well kept.

Jerry then realized something and told me, that he was wrong about looking at all the things that could have been wrong with the competitors, there was nothing much we could do with that information, as not having bad service would be a completely obvious thing to do in any business, and at most we could probably tell people of how bad it was there, but then again that’s not good for long term business.

We proceeded with the projects, and with all of the good things I learned with the other inns, I got someone to find out who the café’s interior designer was, the supplier of the food of the bed and breakfast, and the gardener of the inn as well as other good business partners in the small town, with that we created a new B&B that supported the local community and had the a lot of the good things the other hotels and inns had to offer.

When you do your research about competitors it is important that you look at the good things that they offer, if they are known for something like food, services, or ambience, you must experience it for yourself that you may be able to do it as well as they do, or possibly even better.